The adventure with your baby is an amazing one, yet the first days or weeks can be quite challenging. The most obvious problem is certainly the sleep. In order to help both your baby and yourself with this adventure, try to discover a few simple tricks that can change your life to 180 degrees. Your baby will fall asleep faster, enjoy a deeper sleep and allow you to rest peacefully as well. It sounds like a dream scenario for plenty of people, yet it can become reality. How?


baby EnthusiasmThe last thing you want to do before putting your baby to sleep is enthusing them. It makes no difference what kind of enthusiasm they are exposed to. This is one of the most common mistakes. Sometimes, this issue can be premeditated. In other cases, it is instant. Anyhow, the visual contact with your little one is among the most energizing gestures. With these ideas in mind, avoid direct contact. Do the same if you want to calm your baby down when they wake up in the middle of the night.

Warm Water

The contact with warm water and small massage sessions can easily put youBABY-BATH to sleep as well. Since they are so powerful over adults, you can imagine how efficient they are for babies. Forget about those funky toys in the bathroom. In fact, you should avoid all kinds of objects that may trigger the attention. Instead, maintain a low voice level and keep the activities around your baby calm and relaxing.

Sleeping Together

It makes no difference if you enjoy sleeping together with your little one or you believe that they should sleep alone. Most studies claim Baby Sleeping With Motherthat babies who sleep with their parents gain more confidence in themselves, not to mention losing shyness. In order to give your baby the sleep of a lifetime close to you, put a small bassinet close to the bed. Make sure that you do not keep the baby in the same bed. It is not just risky, but they will also fail to develop self confidence and sleep alone later.

Dream Feeding

babies_dreamDream feeding can easily become one of the best ideas in the world. If your baby is the type who wakes up randomly in the middle of the night to eat, dream feeding can be quite useful. What does it mean? Simple. Feed your baby late in the night. Do not wait until they wake up later because they are hungry. Of course, this technique implies feeding the baby while they are still asleep. This way, they are less likely to feel any discomfort and wake up later.

What Is in the Crib

What do you normally keep in the baby’s crib? Most parents leave all kinds of stuff in there, only to make sure that their babies will not get bored. Ideally, you should leave nothing in there – but your baby. Empty the space. The more toys and objects you leave in there, the more dangerous the baby’s sleep becomes, not to mention the comfort. A simple sheet over the mattress is more than enough. If you are worried that your baby might be cold, come up with a sleeping bag.

Odors and Smells

Some babies have extremely sensitive noses. Their noses are positively affected by various essences. Put the right sources nearby and they will love it. You do not have to rely on burning sticks or other similar things, as they can become quite intoxicating. Instead, put a little perfume on a paper towel, then leave the towel close to the crib. Such small ideas underline a state of comfort. On the same principle, be careful about the detergent. What do you normally wash the bedsheets with?

Transferring the Baby

transfering babyWhen you transfer the baby to their crib, try to keep them in a comfortable position. Keep a hand on the stomach, as well as the arms and head. This type of position offers more comfort and confidence. The maneuver will also calm the baby down. It looks like a simple task, but it will certainly ensure a deep and relaxing sleep.

Facing Tiredness

A nervous and tired baby is extremely hard to get to sleep. Even if they actually are tired, chances are you will not be able to convince them to sleep. Come up with a properly set schedule then. Most experts recommend 5PM to 6PM for sleep. It is an ideal time frame for babies younger than a year to sleep. Do not forget to count your schedule either. Set the plan with the baby’s needs in mind, but try to spend as much time as possible with the baby. Unlike most expectations, going to sleep early does not imply waking up early in babies.


In the end, getting your baby to sleep should not be such a hard task. Find out what your baby needs and react accordingly, but also give them a little time to get used to your schedules and ideas. You can always keep an eye on him through your baby monitor so that eventually you have a good night sleep as well.