in refrigerated salad bar

Look at that Salad Bar!

refrigerated salad bar

The restaurant is yours and so is the food in it. Everything needs to be presented in the style of the restaurant. The atmosphere is perfect for the pleasure of patrons and the staff. When you are running an open restaurant for many people, chances are you have a buffet and a salad bar in place. This is great for the customers because they get to pick and choose their own foods to fill their plates with salads and entrées. They can make it as light or as heavy as they want.

Better Food Line-Up

It is a good plan to have as many food selections as possible. This is where the combination of a hot bar and a refrigerated salad bar come into play. Everybody wants to indulge in the hot foods you serve, especially if you serve lean offerings and classic ones. For the salad bar, the same old iceberg lettuce with three or four options for toppings is not going to do it with most people. Why is this the case? The answer is simple: It is plain and boring while not being an accent to the meal.

Brilliant Salads

Instead, you could build up a fine, blooming salad bar that looks like a spring garden. Tantalize all the patrons, making them order from that bar every time they come. If you are creative enough, you could even make the local papers for having the best salad bar around. Okay, maybe you don’t want to get too big of a head about it. At least enjoy the creative allowance and make the best of it.

When the salad bar is properly refrigerated, it keeps the salad parts from getting bacteria, which could cause health problems for patrons. These units will maintain the proper temperature according to health code. Make sure you have the best equipment on hand for safety of all.