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The Finest Foods And Toiletries From The Old World


If you are living and operating in the new world then you may already know something of the old world. You have been able to trace your roots to this continent going back a few generations. Today, you remain proud of your heritage and do not mind reminding your customers that much of your produce provided to them has this in mind. But how much better would it be for your catering, retail, wholesale distribution and front end food servicing business if you could present your customers with authenticity.

stark international

While you are able to manufacture your own food and toiletry products, basing it on recipes passed down from generation to generation, would it not be far more cost effective to rely on established import/export networks like stark international to bring your customers the finest delicatessens and most luxurious beauty products all grown and manufactured directly on the European continent.

It becomes a case of letting old hands do it naturally by using the natural materials found nowhere else in the world. Take the cultivation of fine wines and bottled olive oil as a fine example. Noting eu de parfuum is an exceptional example because where else in the world but gay Paris will you find the finest bottled perfumes. Then there is Italian cheese and salamis, to say nothing of the Dutch and German alternatives, not forgetting the famous Dutch tulip which incidentally is being replicated elsewhere in the world under warmer climatic conditions.

But as fine as other continental alternatives will be, they can never come anywhere close to the original scents and tastes. And your customers will also be buying into iconic brands that their craving pockets will now be able to afford.