Everyone knows that the time where people arrange everything only by using their mobile phones has arrived. That is indeed true since all large companies have launched “smart” gadgets that allow users to make their lives easier and save a lot of time. These “smart” gadgets are not solely related to personal needs and entertainment purposes but they cover various aspects of one’s daily life. For instance, there are many house gadgets that are both fun to use and they solve many every day issues that people face. Below follows a list with the most useful gadgets for 2016.

1. Hue lights

These lights differ from the common lights that every house has. Some people find it really irritating when they are about to sleep, or when they are just lying on the couch and they need to turn on/off the lights. Hue lights can be connected to mobile phones and be controlled by an app. Ideal gadget for those who always forget to turn off the lights! One more feature of these lamps is that the user can also change the color and the brightness of the lights according to specific needs and mood.

2. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Although robotic vacuum cleaners are not a new gadget they are extremely useful and more and more people tend to buy them since they offer many advantages. First of all, they save a lot of time since they work on their own without the need of supervision. Really helpful to families with babies that they need to vacuum frequently and to people that want their house to be cleaned while they are away since robotic vacuums can be controlled through a mobile app and the user can set the cleaning schedule . Also they are really handy to people that face mobility issues or back pain. There is a website (http://www.vacuumfox.com/ ) that has gathered very useful reviews and guides about the best robotic vacuums for those who are interested in purchasing one!

3. “Smart” Thermostat

With the clever thermostat, the user can fully control the house temperature and adjust in accordingly. For instance, in some areas it gets really cold in the morning and in the evening but throughout the day the temperature is really high. In these cases this thermostat is ideal since it learns the user’s habits and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The most important thing? All features can be controlled by the user’s mobile phone and an app.

4. “Smart” Security System

One of the most important things that someone pays attention when building or buying a house is the security. Luckily the technology has advanced in this area too. With the new security systems that are available in the market, the user can connect all his smart devices with a central house security system. In this way when an abnormality is noticed in the house like a sudden temperature change, or irregular movement in the house, the security system automatically sends a video to the user’s mobile phone and notifies him of the change. Really useful for those who travel a lot or work for many hours and need to make sure that their house is safe.

5. iKettle

A smart equipment for the kitchen. A lot of people may find this gadget not so useful, those who really love tea but always forget to boil water on time they will love it. This kettle is connected to the internet and the user can choose when to boil water. For instance when the user is out of the house but needs a hot beverage as soon as he returns home he can control the kettle through his mobile phone. Also, the user can set standard time that he needs hot water for example every morning when he wakes up.

6. Parrot Pot

Many people love plants but they always forget to water them, so they die. There is a handy solution for this issue, parrot pots. These pots have an inside ceramic pot that is hidden and can hold up to two liters of water. It is equipped with the technology and the knowledge of more than 7000 plants and they can detect when the plant needs to be watered and release the appropriate amount of water. Really practical for those who want to have plants in their houses but do not have the time to take care of them or they away of the house for many hours.

All the above gadgets are not only cool to have but they can also save a lot of time throughout the day and make the daily routine easier but unfortunately the majority of people does not know them yet. As long as the user is connected to the internet (most of the times in the wi-fi of the house) all these gadgets can work.