Portable massage table dimensions come into play because you will handle different clients, each client having different body characteristics. You, therefore, have to check out the dimensions of various table features when making a purchase. Here are some of the dimensions you need to consider.

Size of the Table

This is one of the most significant dimensions you need to consider. The table should be wide enough to cater for a wide range of people but narrow enough to give you the level of access you need. Make sure the size allows you to stand comfortably and reach all areas of the client’s body. You should also choose the size depending on your height.

Most tables come with a width of between 25 and 30 inches. Choose the smaller width if you are short in height, though a wide table can end up distressing your back in the long run. You can opt for specially designed tables as well. An hour-glass shaped table gives you easy access to the middle section. A wider table is ultimately more comfortable for your clients.

The length is also vital. Standard portable massage tables come in at 73 inches, but you can get a longer or shorter table. A face cradle adds 8 inches to the length. Always opt for longer tables regardless of the increase in weight.

The Height

Most of the portable massage tables nowadays come with adjustable legs. The height range makes it easy for you to get a table that suits your height as well as the different type of massage therapies. The normal height varies between 23 and 33 inches. There are two types of height adjustments you can choose from depending on the material.

  • Telescopic height adjustment – this comes with aluminum tables and works by switching a metallic button from one slot to another.
  • Twist Knob Height Adjustments – the table comes with one or two knobs. Two knobs make for faster and stable height adjustments.

The Weight of the Table

The weight is a primary consideration when it comes to portable massage tables. Try to aim for a table that is 14 kg or less, so that it doesn’t weigh you down as you move from place to place. The material used in manufacturing the table determines the weight. Aluminum makes the table lighter as compared to wood. Having a heavier massage table requires you to invest in a massage table trolley.

The Working Weight

This is the maximum weight that the table can hold across its surface. Normal client weight ranges from 120 to 250lbs., however, most tables come with the ability to hold a maximum of 450 lbs.

Foam Density

The foam density dictates the comfort of the client as well as how long the foam lasts before sagging or flattening. Make sure you go for high density foam to enhance customer comfort.

Final Thoughts

You need to visit http://www.shiatsuchairs.net/portable-massage-tables/ to check out the different portable massage tables available and information on latest Shiatsu massage techniques. Use this information to pick the best portable massage table for your needs. Getting the right dimensions make a great start to your massaging career.